SkyVision VI Photography | Checklist

Property Preparation Checklist



   ☐   Thoroughly clean whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, clean countertops, clean windows)

   ☐   Turn ALL overhear lights and lamps on

   ☐   Replace ALL burned out light bulbs

   ☐   Use bulbs of the same wattage and temperature 

   ☐   Turn all ceiling fans off

   ☐   Hide garbage cans in pantry of closet

   ☐   Clear outside of refrigerator of magnet, paper, photos etc.

   ☐   Turn all computer and TV screens off

   ☐   Store any unsightly items in cabinets or drawers


   ☐   Close garage doors

   ☐   Removes vehicles from driveway

   ☐  Use broom to remove cobwebs from eaves and door frames

   ☐  Remove visible water hoses

   ☐   Remove toys, sports balls, basketball goals, soccer goals, etc. 

   ☐   Clear back yard of pet waste and toys

   ☐   Clean pool

   ☐   Remove any unsightly debris