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Imagine a virtual tour of your property. Lets start with a beautiful time-lapse sunset, slowly moving over the balcony looking out over the waves toward the horizon with clouds flying over-head. Inside we see a wide angle calming view of the living room with motion slowly panning over your carefully chosen furniture and decor. Moving on to the kitchen we see glimmering appliances on a shining countertop perhaps with something tasty being prepared on the chopping-board. The bedroom is neatly arranged you imagine yourself sprawling out on the soft velvet covers. You're drawn to the window where the view is breathtaking. Out over the ocean you see the sailboats and birds soaring high in the sky. You continue through the window and outside now looking back on the property from above!

You now see things from a different perspective. You are transported to a world where anything is possible. You fly over the roof and high into the sky to join the birds. Take a look below to see your villa and the surrounding landscape. Perhaps fly back down beyond the gate, along the driveway, over the pool, and at last back through the window into the bedroom! 

This may sound like an unimaginable dream but Skyvision VI would like to make this dream a reality. Skyvision VI is a BVI based media production company. We’re pretty versatile but specialize in promoting properties, villas, hotels, resorts, and real estate utilizing the power of graphical media. We use innovative techniques giving depth to your property’s video. With the use of slides, dollies and highly sophisticated aerial drones we aim to capture your property from a never before seen perspective and produce quality HD content. 

Impress your clients with stunning overhead high resolution shots of your property or event. Let us capture the moment! Skyvision VI is also available for standard photography services. If you’re looking for that perfect photo for your magazine or website, let us know what you have in mind and we may be able to shoot it for you. Currently we are not offering wedding services. 

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